There is no shortage of porn online, but it is difficult to locate something that you really enjoy watching. On many free websites, it feels like you must wade through endless video after video (and sometimes pop-ups) of men disrespecting, abusing, and ejaculating on women without mercy. It’s bad enough that seeing this in a man’s porn is bad enough. Now, women are forced to see this in a video for men to view, too.

So, does viewing pornography online make women bad people? No, not necessarily. There are many women that watch pornography who are respectful and fair towards sex and who do not engage in behavior that is abusive or degrading. Some women even use their sexuality to help them overcome issues they may be struggling with in their own relationship.

But, there are still some damage that porn can cause women, both those involved in the sex act and those watching. Women need to recognize that porn is different from real life. In real life, there is always consent. There is an emotional exchange at the core of sex: two real people decide together and form an intimate relationship based upon a variety of underlying feelings. Pornographers separate the sex act from those underlying feelings and, therefore, take away the chance that the relationship in question will have any substance beyond the desire to satisfy one’s sexual desires.

For women, there is always the risk of being objectified, which makes some women uncomfortable when it comes to finding something super hot to watch. Porn can often portray an objectified woman as being sexy, all thin and small, with little to no personality. She may appear to be one among the millions, all craving attention and sex just for the sake of providing sexual stimulation. It’s not hard to see how this could create a negative perception of women as whole, which leads to poor self esteem and anxiety over the entire sex act in general.

There are some categories like threesomes and thirteenthums that feature women who are seen as being on the same level as their boyfriend’s or husband in the porn sites. However, this is definitely a double standard. There are instances where a porn site features a woman who is seen as being more desirable than another woman who is married. The writers and developers of these porn sites should realize this, but refuse to do anything about it because they feel like it isn’t their place to say anything.

That said, there are still ways for women to express themselves in this regard. Most of the better feminist porn movies feature women speaking their minds about topics such as pornography, sexual assault, or whatever else the writer and developer want to include within their story. These films aim to educate women on sex, sexuality, body image issues, and the realities of being a woman in today’s culture. They are much different than erotic stories, in that erotic stories tend to be light-hearted affairs meant to be fun. Feminist porn is much different. In addition to educating women, they are also meant to be inspiring and uplifting for men.

As we move into the year of 2021, female consumers have yet to make any major waves in the online adult entertainment industry. The biggest companies are still catering mainly to straight men. They continue to churn out high-quality films that are visually stunning, offer up plenty of visual stimulation, and most importantly, are very profitable. This is despite the rise of many niche websites catering to women, such as Womenswire, an online women’s magazine that features a wide variety of perspectives on contemporary women’s lives. Other niche sites are targeting specific groups of women, such as teen-friendly ones, and these offer promising futures for female consumers looking for great female-friendly entertainment.

What can we learn from Dr Jays’s survey of the past year? One thing that all people agree on is that it is important for us to accept the sexual boundaries established by society. While it is true that there are many genres of pornography intended to titillate the senses, there are also many that are built on sensual ideas and expressions in order to entertain rather than titillate. The key to having meaningful sex in today’s society is knowing your limits, knowing when and where to turn on the sex part of your equation, and most of all, knowing how to engage with your partner to help them reach their own orgasm.